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New Dimensions of Service

Leaning On Pearls through Optimism-Moving Forward!

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated

Reclamation Center

January 29 marks the 102nd year of incorporation for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc- the day Soror Nellie saved our beloved sorority. For those Sorors who are not able to put time into a chapter right now, please consider becoming financial in General Membership, which will keep you connected to the sorority. For those of you that do not know, I am a member of the Great Lakes Membership Committee and in honor of Nellie, I am personally asking you to consider becoming financially active in 2015 with Lambda Phi Omega Chapter. We have a lot of Sorors that currently work very hard to keep the torch lit and passed in the name of sisterhood and "service to all mankind" and need your help to make it stronger. Allow us to extend our arms and hearts to you while practicing the principles of love and fostering community for the greatest of sisterhoods-Alpha Kappa Alpha. Soror Jeanneth J. Taylor Basileus

Upcoming Meeting Dates

February 21, 2015 @ 10:30 a.m.(Maple Heights Library)

President's Message

President Jeanneth Taylor
Lambda Phi Omega Chapter

President, Jeanneth TaylorOn behalf of our small yet talented chapter of Cleveland, Ohio, I thank you for visiting Lambda Phi Omega's website.

Lambda Phi Omega Chapter was chartered March 18, 1978 in Cleveland, Ohio by diverse, business savvy, highly educated women. Since that time, we have grown in membership largely due to the richness of our charter members and their continued love and devotion to their meaning of P.E.A.R.L.S. We belong to the Great, Great Lakes Region of our sorority which is comprised of 90 graduate and undergraduate chapters consisting of Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, Western New York and Western Pennsylvania.

Our 29th International President, Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson, requires the movement of “Launching New Dimensions of Service”. Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, through 986 local chapters, will have the opportunity to address community needs with programs in traditional and new target areas. The program features Five Target Areas, One Signature Program and Six Community Impact Days:

  • Target I: Educational Enrichment
  • Target II: Health Promotion
  • Target III: Family Strengthening
  • Target IV: Environmental Ownership
  • Target V: Global Impact

Signature Program: ASCEND (Educational Enrichment Target)

Achievement Self-Awareness Communication Engagement Networking Developmental Skills

Leaning On Pearls through Optimism-Moving Forward

Lambda Phi Omega of Alpha Kappa Alpha will continue to devote her time, talents and resources through the 2014-2018 Program Initiatives to serve the Greater Cleveland Community and the lives of those beyond our borders. Our Great Lakes Regional Director, Toni Kendrick, is set to lead with poise, vigor, and nourishment to the Graduate and Undergraduate chapters. She also welcomes all members to support our activities at both the local and national levels as we work together to advance the mission of our beloved organization.

"Leaning on Pearls through Optimism-Moving Forward" is the theme under Lambda Phi Omega’s current administration. It is the chapter's aspiration and vision to optimistically carry forth the standards that have been established by our International Office, Regional level and then to be executed by our chapter of both local and international programming. By continuing to use our tools, tangible and intangible, of our beautiful, resourceful and knowledgeable chapter of Lambda Phi Omega, we will foster and nurture those in our community that need us and we shall serve as a beacon of light to lead the way into the next century.


Jean Taylor
President, Lambda Phi Omega Chapter